Upland Hunting Book Review

Welcome to Buck’s blog. I’m Buck.    My old friend and good customer Dr. Chuck Mcgill sent me his new book about his  bird dogs and people and fun hunts he remembers . I enjoyed reading it so here is my first book review. The next Hemingway?  NO way?  But that will be your call!. Thanks for stopping by my new blog. I invite a good “tail” or a” believe it or not” from all my fellow hunting dog enthusiasts and will do my best to try and keep up.  Hope to hear from you real soon! Thanks, Buck

Dr. Chuck McGill’s new book, Two Shots and Gone, Remembrances of Upland Wandering, is every bit as delightful and easy-going as the man himself. Chuck describes himself as a dog man, bird chaser, and wing shot of no particular distinction. Never mind that he is a distinguished pediatric surgeon, I can tell you that he is the real deal as a man. He is a dog man first, bird hunting addict second, and is as humble and sweet as the day is long.

Dr. McGill possesses a wit and dry Texas sense of humor which really comes to life in the pages of this book. He makes fun of himself first and describes situations, people and dogs with the keen eye of a surgeon. His tales are told like those your best friend would tell….wish I could do that! This book is a healthy dose of just the right prescription for cabin fever – without the big doctor bill!

John “Buck” Koritko

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