Shadow_Oak_Bo-thumb600x600 Here is some great news for all my setter lovin’ friends. The drought is over for setters at Ames Plantation. Shadow Oak Bo wins the big daddy of em all!  Thanks to Ryan Frame of Dave Hughes Kennel for penning the story for me.  Stay tuned to Buck’s Blog and the LCS Blog for more news from Ryan.
John “Buck” Koritko

On the morning of February 13, 2013, an English setter named Shadow Oak Bo was turned loose against a pointer called Rivertons Funseek’n Scooter, a pointer at an important field trial The heat would be three hours long.

The field trial is the most famous and storied bird dog field trial in the world, the National Bird Dog Championship, run yearly at the Ames Plantation near Grand Junction, Tennessee. With time running down, Bo had tallied an impressive six finds and backed, or honored, his brace mate’s points three times (Scooter had five finds himself). Near the end of the time down, Bo slipped out of sight in the cover and was found on point again. Once more he had a bevy accurately located, his seventh.

When the National Championship began in 1896, it was won the first twelve straight years by English setters. But by 1915 and, fairly quickly, the pointer, often called the English pointer, had come to dominate in terms of numbers and wins. A setter called Mississippi Zev won it in 1946, then not again until Johnny Crocket won it in 1970, then all pointers for 42 straight years through 2012. Though Bo had done well, it was only the third day of the event Many more fine dogs had yet to run, but across the country, setter fans crossed their fingers and waited.

Owned by Butch Houston and Dr. John Dorminy, and handled by seasoned pro Robin Gates, many had thought that a setter could not win the National Championship. Some had said that the so called ‘All-age’ setters were the key and that there are not enough all-age setters to breed to get a National Champion. Bo’s pedigree, however, shows that dogs from nearly every area of field trials, walking and horseback, contributed to his genetics. It was thus a proud day for field trials and a proud day for setter fans and setter breeders everywhere when, on February 22, 2013, the waiting crowd heard the announcement of the 2013 National Bird Dog Champion: Shadow Oak Bo!
Ryan Frame of Dave Hughes Kennel


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  1. Beth DeVries

    What a great story about a wonderful dog! Congratulations on your win and making history with a beautiful setter. I always stand behind the thought that no breed of dog is better than another and any of them with the right training and handling could win. I am sure this will be a day to remember for you for a very long time to come.

    Thank you as well for pointing me to your blog. It will be fun to watch your stories and to gather information on awesome products for the every day hunter up to the die hard trialer.

  2. john corr

    Hey Buck, Nice blog. looking forward to more news. keep em coming. jc

  3. Chuck Robbins

    Hey Buck,
    Sort a blew this ol’ boy away, had no idea you even knew how to spell b-l-o-g, let alone…ok, just kiddin…congrats and keep on a bloggin, hell ya never know, might be a book in yee somewheres down the pike…over and out…Chuck

  4. Ed Rader

    I remember John Koritko when he was poor he had 4or5 little buildings with a phone in Port Matilda he has really done a great job with Lion Country and is a great friend. Ed Rader

  5. Jim chambers

    Great news from Ames !

  6. Seth

    Had a shot at a pup of Bo’s for $400 two Springs ago, pups are guaranteed to go for at least double that now. I think where Bo would fit into most kennels breedings would be to use his as an outcross. His pedigree isn’t all over the place, but he’s not exactly line breed either. He should make a nice outcross for several of the main stream setter kennels out there. Glad he won.

  7. Guillermo tucci

    Perty sure there ain’t no book in there! Just don’t hurt yerself typin all fast in stuff. Nice blog,looks great! Keep on grousein ,fishin,and keep on blogging till the power runs out! Guillermo Tucci

  8. Bruce Krug

    Thanks for the info Buck. Living way out here we are always the last to know. Nice Setter.

  9. Jim chambers

    Also great time to have litter of Setter pups !

  10. John Mackin

    Hi Buck shop at your store all the time, my wife and i are hard core grouse hunters in central pa have you notice their might be New hampshire maine etc but central Pa has really, really become a hot spot for grouse…

  11. buck

    I think we got a ghost writer posting on my blog. Don’t know any Guelermo Tucci and he hasn’t placed any orders and his name isn’t in our system. Sounds Scicilian New a girl in high school named Denise Tucci but that’s a whole other story for a different blog.Guerlimo do I know you? Am I or my family in any danger?….buck

  12. john Buck Koritko

    Thanks to all for commenting. My Spring catalog is 10 days from the printers deadline and we’re coming up some cool new products and great deals. I have lots of things I want to say and cool things planned for this and the LCS blog. I’ll have to put them on hold and keep at it but I hope you’all will pick up the slack and send you’re jokes to our new Joke section. Yes –Jokes are back at Lion Country. Not Too rough now-gotta try and clean em” up a bit -but lets have some fun. Gotta a few already. Here they are: See you’all in 10days. I’m goin’ back into CATALOG LAND!!!

  13. Gail

    Nice article about a swell dog; and it was fascinating to find out the history of setters winning the American Field Trials. One question though: what is it with the British gun dog magazines saying that there is no doubt that their dogs are the best in the world. Why not invite them over across the pond and show them who’s really the best, the way Annie Oakley taught them who was really he best shot.

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