I have been spending the majority of my time the past few weeks working on the Lion Country Supply Spring Summer 2013 Catalog.  It is now complete and i’m ready to start blogging again.  I’d like to start by sending congrats to our customer and friend Connor Wharton.


Connor Wharton and his family are longtime customers of Lion Country Supply. In 2012, at age 16, he is the youngest person ever to win the National Amateur Championship and the Purina High Point Amateur Championship with a ton of other awards as shown. The most impressive thing is that he competes locally, regionally and nationally, almost exclusively against adults, with his English Springer, Peyton.
He also stars in some of our new product videos that you can see on our LCS Blog and Facebook. New product videos will be introduced shortly on our website. Hats off to Connor!

“Buck” Koritko

2 comments to “Lion Country Supply Spring Summer 2013 Catalog is Coming Soon!”

  1. Brad Penoyer

    Connor has a special calm connection with the dogs that he handles that is hard to decribe, but he and the dog know exactly what the other wants. They adore each other. Certainly worth watching if you get the chance. I think he truly has a gift.

  2. john Buck Koritko

    Thanks Brad! An old friend of mine Roy Sissler owner of Hunting Hills Kennel and past President of National Birdhunters Assn once told me that great birddogs come from families of birddogs. Maybe the same is true of Dog Trainers.Connor is certainly the case here with his Dad Greg Wharton and his Uncle Bob Montler who everybody in the Retriever and Springer World know as accomplished trainers, handlers and ballbusters.We’ll all keep an eye on this young man as he really does have a connection with dogs as you pointed..Buck

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