Katie 1I like to introduce my readers to the new LCS Western States Bird hunting Staff Writer, Chuck Robbins. He bird hunts all over the western states from Arizona to Oregon with his personally trained dogs. He has written guides on where to go and He is a lifelong birddog man, photographer, dog trainer and is a well published writer.  He is originally from right here in Lion Country where he and his wife Gale ran the famous Spruce Creek Rod and Gun Club until they moved out to Montana about 12 years ago. We hunted grouse and woodcock together here-trained dogs with Rick Smith- and had a ball trying to make each other laugh.  He took me on a really cool sage grouse hunt with his late great GW Katie and my pointer Bubba.  He put me right on the birds and walked me into the ground for 3 days. Katie blew me away with her wide ranging bird finding AND holding and ability. This guy lives BIRDOGS and Wild Birds. He is the REAL DEAL- NO BS HERE-You’ll see.   Thanks Chuck!

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2 comments to “Introducing Chuck Robbins”

  1. Clique Clique Le Boom

    I agree, Chuck is a quality guy. I had the pleasure of hunting with him and Katie in Noth Dakota many years ago. Always enjoy Chuck’s writting.

  2. Joshua Duryea(aka JD)

    Hi Buck: If you have a news letter please sign me up otherwise please stay in touch.

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