My Brother-in-law, Jimmy G., sent this cool story to my daughter, Julie, a couple of months ago as an inspiration for her during her post-college job search. My whole family enjoyed it!  Send it along to someone you know who might enjoy it also.  Jimmy was diagnosed last week with a rare neurological disease for which they say there is no cure.  Please send out a prayer or just your best, positive energy for Jimmy G.—a good man in need of a miracle.

Thanks, Buck

Click the image below to read the story.


4 comments to “How Do You Think of God?”

  1. Bob Barth

    Certainly my thoughts and prayers go out for you brother in law. Would love to read the letter but not clear enough to make out.

  2. Jim chambers

    Thoughts and prayers my brother !!

  3. John Koritko

    Bob, If you click on the letter you will be able to read it. Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers.

  4. Joshua Duryea(aka JD)

    May God Heal You Jimmy G from the top of your head to your toes. From My Lips to God’s Ear Amen!
    JD Duryea

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