Summers here and my dogs got May off. Too many little birds and critters in the woods that need left alone. Planting food and cover strips at the Birdog Training Grounds is almost done. My renovations and Airbnb plans for the farmhouse  are also progressing nicely.

Appropriately on Memorial Day I received this family photo. This handsome young man is Nicholas Koritko. Yes there’s more of us!

He just graduated from WVU and has completed his ROTC training. He has earned a commission and will soon be proudly serving his country.

Cheers to Nick. The entire Koritko clan is all very proud of you Nick and wish you great things in the future. Please come visit us all again in Lion Country real soon.

Highest Regards…….Uncle Buck

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  3. Walter Holokai

    Dear Buck,
    I’ve been out of the bird dog game for a number of years now. I used to buy a lot of stuff from you back in the day. It’s nice to see you looking so good and still going strong. Best wishes always! Cheers!

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Here is a picture of 3 Lion Country Setters pointing a grouse in the Allegheny National Forest, Saturday.




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  1. Timothy Bennett

    very nice pic I hunt setters to from the old ryman lines they are the best dogs ever

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Merry Xmas! I’ll share this photo of my daughter Julie’s 2 Rescue dogs. She is a real dog lover and an excellent trainer (Also our bookkeeper at Lion Country Supply.) The one white shepherd wasn’t enough. She took on a second to train for adoption. So he’d have a friend. The standard color should go to a new home today just in time for Christmas.

Good job Julie!

Love Dad.

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Worst weather ever for 1st day of buck season in Pa., maybe ever.
It rained all day. This is the view from my deer stand in the middle of The Birdog Training Grounds. No one moving -not man or deer. I loved it anyway.
Some Huns we’re moving about in spite of the rain. They were feeding in the Sorghum strips eating fallen millet and sunflower seeds. My hard work this summer grooming the fields made for a satisfying day in my new perch.
The big bucks we were watching are safe for now. Hope to see them next summer and fall feeding in the clover.
I hope my planned airbnb guests enjoy them while visiting for Penn State games and enjoying the State College, just  8 miles away.
Back to running bird dogs.
– Buck

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  1. Rob Brewer

    need advice on lyme disease. Need a good knowledgeable doc for consultation. Who do you know that is good?
    ps. I did design for several of your catalog items,whelping box, bird box,etc.

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Feel that?  That cool crisp air in the mornings. Thought it would never come.

Smell the leaves. Hey. Watch the dogs how pace in the kennel. They know.

It’s finally here. Our time. The dogs and the hunters time. We both feel it.

Fall. Autumn. Hunting season.

All one and the same. Our favorite time of the whole year is here. Yep. Better get going.

Time to pray for a frost later. A hard one. Knock the leaves down to the forest floor. Nicest walking on the planet.

Pray it knocks the ticks.

and the swarming mosquitos down too.

Time to stop thinking. Let’s just go. Time to run dogs in all your best spots. Find some broods. No? Try that new spot where the well man saw 8 grouse.

No? We know the  resident woodcock in the usual wet bottoms, will be there. Its where we, my dogs and I- will head after the early grouse run each morning at least until late morning when it gets too hot for the black mud and spring seeps to cool us off.

Together we become a team again as we both tune into the woods. Man and dog with a single purpose – find birds. We have to…check all “our” special spots especially   ‘the thick and uncivil sort of places’, real hunters go with the dogs they love.

Oh boy…..It’s time…..let’s go.


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  1. Jim D

    Well Buck I took your advice and took my dogs out and hit all my favorite honey holes. However, there were no birds there this year. So we ventured out looking for new “thick and uncivil places”. At that point I decided To let the dogs go. Get out there 100+ Yards and I just followed them. And lo and behold my garmin went off and it was time for me to pick up the pace and get to where the dogs were locked up on point. And so it began. We had 7 flushes and 2 in the bag.

  2. Mrbuck.

    2 for 2? Send me some photos! I love hearing
    From our friends and seeing photos of their
    Dogs. If you’re having trouble posting photos
    email our They will
    you thru it. Shoot straight….Buck.

  3. Rob Brewer

    Please email me about lyme disease treatment and doctors in area. Little buggers have bit me as well.

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  1. Jeff White

    Thats funny right there

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We lost a good friend of Lion Country Supply this summer. Chuck Robbins of Dillon Mt left this world the way he lived it. Enjoying gods beautiful outdoors.

He was a dynamic individual. He and his wife Gale lived at and ran the historic Spruce creek rod and gun club for years with their bird dogs. He loved and lived everything outdoors. Fishing, hunting, dog training, shooting, writing, photography and all at the same time. First writing in the State College newspaper then national magazine articles, books, wrote blogs for LCS and was passionate about the Sage birds. He took me on my first Montana hunt for sage birds where he walked me into the ground. He was tough and as true a Bird Dog Man that I ever met.


Chuck’s outdoor knowledge and with a slow deep voice way of telling stories will always make me smile, catch you later Chuck.

We’ll hunt in the happy hunting ground next time with Katie and Bubba and…

Good journey my friend….. Buck


Read more about Chuck Robbins:

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PSU International students enjoying a laugh at breakfast with Mr. Buck.

The guy watching from outside makes me wonder. Cheers Buck

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Thought I’d share this video that a Customer sent from Montana.



These are wild Huns in his back yard. Got me fired up with hopes of a good year for Huns at least. I’m wondering how the Sharpies are doing out that way.

The grouse brood sightings in Pa are few and far in between here in central Pa. reports from customers are more encouraging in the Allegheny National Forest and more Northern Pa counties.

More Good News:

My lifelong dream of my own Bird Dog Training Grounds has had me busy all spring and summer. In April I bought a small farm near our home at Auction  from elderly bird dog friend. Just 57 acres but my own spot to hunt and train.

I’ve been planting food and cover strips for liberated birds amid the forage crops already there for market. Planted a apple orchard and now 3 Better LCS Johnny houses are ready for Chukar’s and quail to work our dogs.

I’m having a ball but have lots to learn about farming. I’ll be making some videos that I think you all will enjoy of my farm and training grounds.

Stay tuned.

Yours for birds! …… Buck

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Hunted with a Real grouse Hunter Jimmy Duchess Friday up north in the Allegheny forest.


Here is his 2 pointers Bogo and Giblets. George bid Evans wouldn’t approve of those dog names. Or Jimmy.. but I do. We was huntin with Giblets day after thanksgiving.    cheers…..buck


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  1. Tom Sankerson

    Mr Bluck,

    I saw you hinting up in the Allegheny National Forest. IS all of your dogs trained to break on flush? I was amazed when I saw that happen because I thought the dog should be steady, but I must be wrong.

  2. Robert Melani

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    Your cost to ship to CT is $15. to $25. per case.

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