After a day of grouse hunting with my long-time friend, official LCS Field Tester and professional grouse hunting guide Roger Hoover earlier this season, he sent me a graphic from his iPhone walking app that indicated he walked 7.0 miles and took 15,585 steps during that hunt. That distance didn’t surprise me because my muscles felt like we walked 7 miles busting thick hillside grouse cover all day.

Roger is age 65 but often puts on 9 mile days during his guided grouse hunts. And while my doctor tells me to do at least 10,000 steps per day to stay healthy, I can tell you serious grouse hunters put on 6-7 miles of walking on an average hunt. So during the grouse hunting season I know I get my share of exercise, and I always wear my Garmin Vivofit Band when I’m hunting or on days I’m a toad because it gives me an accurate count of my daily activities.

Garmin VivoFit

My Garmin Vivofit Band tells me what I need to know without relying on a GPS unit or smart phone app. It’s easy to use and at a push of a button it tells me how many steps I took and calories burned for the day. It also automatically calculates and assigns my daily goals, and unlike some other fitness bands, it even tells me the time without the need for a computer. You can also link your Vivofit up to a heart rate monitor and sync it to Garmin Connect to get charts and graphs details of your activity if you want all of that information.

I highly recommend the Garmin Vivofit. It’s a good product for monitoring your daily activities.

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I ran into this interesting young fella at a Pennsylvania Game Commission pheasant area last week. We got to talking and he told me he was 80 years young, so I asked him to hunt his pointer Billy along with my Speed dog. He surprised me with his pace and amused me for two hours with his stories.

He made my day better as I slowed down for a rare moment and shared a cup of his black coffee.

We talked of the “local’ past grouse breeders and trailers we both had the privilege of knowing. Larry Wilson, Rich Tuttle of Pleasant Valley bloodline fame. We spoke of Doc Flannigan of Grouse Ridge fame, and the greatest pointer line ever, the Elhew line of Bob Wehle.

Then he told me I looked familiar. He said you’re the guy on the catalog cover with your daughter!  He went on saying he bought his Filson vest and his check cord, and in fact all his stuff from LCSupply for years. He talked about my humble beginnings and that my wife is a lawyer, he dang near told it all. I was humbled and amazed, and proud.

Thank you Charlie Anderson of Cherry Run PA.

- Buck

Interesting Young Fella

One comment to “Interesting Young Falla”

  1. Jack Sankey

    Good story and post, Buck! You seem to meet some very nice and interesting folks wherever you go.

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My son Michael Koritko’s dog, Frank Silver, made the Washington City Paper. He is a bog boy weighting over 100+ pounds. While Mike is busy building his Rise Guten Free Bakery (, a dog walker, Chris Moore from, walks his buddy. He must be doing a good job as Frank has dropped down to 110 pounds!

Michael's dog made the paper

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I ran into Mark Hughes last week coming into my store as I was leaving to go hunting. In the picture below we are posing with the now 3 time champion Full Blast, call name Jeb. This is a real special dog and anyone looking to breed should consider him. He is a well-built 50 lb. with nice chiseled head and friendly disposition. If he wasn’t my dog SpeedStar’s brother I’d breed to him in a minute.

Good Hunting…Buck

Mark Hughes, Buck, and Full Blast








Mark Hughes, Buck, and Full Blast posing outside Lion Country Supply storefront.

Mark Hughes and 3 time champ Full Blast










Mark Hughes with 3 Time Champion Full Blast

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Last week Dick and Helen Brenneman’s Full Blast was named champion of the Grand National Grouse Championship handled by our good friend Dave Hughes.  This is Full Blast’s third championship whose litter was bred by Jim Chambers; littermate of Buck’s Speed. Pictured is Mark Hughes with CH. Full Blast and Robert Ecker with R.U. CH. Bud of Piney Wood. Congrats to everyone who competed.

Grand National Grouse Championship winner

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Jim Chambers

Grand National Grouse Futurity 1st Blast Off by Full Blast. Handled by Mark Forman, owned by Justin Evens. Full Blast is owned by Dick Brennanman. I bred the full Blast litter.

3rd place was call name (Nick) owned and handled by Thor Kain. Nick is out of my female Walnut Hills Rockett littermate to Buck’s Speed female. I have 2 male pups out of repeat breeding of Nick’s litter.

The two pups are for sale.

- Jim Chambers

Jim Chambers2

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Tip of the hat to Lion Country Supply’s purchasing and office manager Jaime. She does a great job as our team leader and all the office dogs love her too.

Say hi to her when you call but down boys… Jaime’s taken.

Have a great day Jaime!



Jamie and Louise at the Lion Country Supply office

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  1. Roger Hoover

    Jamie is great smart and hard working and a very nice person

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Grouse and woodcock season started this past Saturday, October 17th, here in Pennsylvania. I took all 5 of my setters up to my grouse camp. The first day I had a few birds in the Allegheny forest but not many.

Here is a nice grouse I bagged Saturday morning first day. Moved three grouse and two woodcock in the am. Took a friend and his 8th grade son, Mitch, in the afternoon. We bagged two woodcock and one grouse. We had a ball!

Bucks First Day Grouse 2015

4 comments to “First day of Grouse and Woodcock ’15”

  1. Dave hughes

    That’s not a bad day John. Tried to call you several times. I got the perfect dog here to breed with your Full Blast littermate Speedy. Call me

  2. Jim chambers

    How come when you take me we get zero? Then reply by me Jim you’re score is always zero except on woodcock. Buy a proper gun Jim ! If God wanted you to shoot with stacked barrels, he’d have set your eyes that way.

  3. Dave

    How did you cook those birds up?

  4. Brian Bastow

    This is your neighbor to your grouse camp. Let me know when you will be up next. I have a few places that I have been seeing grouse this fall and I wanted to show you them. They are fairly close. Also I have seen several ring necks and will show you where if your interested.

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Missing Lion Country Supply pro staffer Roger Hoover was found today in Utah. Somehow this 1 month trout fishing trip in Colorado took 2! Roger surfaced today in Utah. He’s well and told us he subsisted on wild trout and greens and Metamucil.

He told this reporter he WILL be back in time to guide his grouse hunting clients for the Pennsylvania grouse opener October 17.

Roger Hoover Fishing Roger Hoover cooked fish

One comment to “Roger Hoover Found!”

  1. Roger Hoover

    Buck, made it home a week early back to meat and potatoes.
    I already miss Colorado.
    You need to come next year

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It’s that time of year again. I headed up to my cabin in northern Pennsylvania this week with my 5 dogs for some early wood grouse and woodcock training. Season starts here in Pennsylvania on October 17th.  As you can see in the picture below there are a lot of crab apples and RedHaws this year in Pennsylvania and New York. Hunt the apples early!

- Buck

Crab apples and redhaws

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