BuckTomatoCDTThis weekend I was visited by our local newspaper “The Centre Daily Times” to talk to me about my family’s “heirloom” Pink Cadillac Tomatoes! You can read the article linked here.

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  1. Jim chambers

    Never realized U and Dad looked so much alike . Still waiting on a couple of those famous seeds !! :-) great article

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Beebes sent this photo of Deuce’s pup Bosco taking a nap on her dad’s bed. Good thing he’s a bird hunter too. I find them good homes. Daddy Deuce lives in a kennel. Haven’t heard from Tom Keer in a while. How’s Dixie Tom?

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  1. Andy

    now that’s the life!

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IMG_3820My friend Jimmy’s sent this photo of his granddaughter Grace who is in charge of puppy socialization at Walnut Hill Kennel. Looks like you’re keeping that puppy Jim … Buck

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  1. Jim chambers

    Grace does a great job john thanks ! Very important for the start of our Grouse dogs . Keep up the good work John and L.C friends!!

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Another litter was just whelped within our Lion Country Supply team. Our newest member to the team, Seth Heasley, has a couple cover dog bred setter pups available. His female Little Sure Shot “Annie”, was bred to Bill Krazinski’s male Impact Player “Joe” out of Dick Brenneman and Bob Watt’s breeding program. “Joe” sired by Pennsylvania’s own Pennstar was out of Joe Dahl’s Magic Mist Bandit. Joe’s last two litters (out of differently bred females) have totaled 12 pups that reside from Maine to Colorado. 7 of the 12 went to field trial guys (who also hunt birds!) and these 7 pups, the older litter having just turned 2 years old, have stacked up 27 placements in wild bird venues so far! All 12 pups have pointed wild birds their first season. Seth said from what he’s seen of Joe’s pups, they develop and handle birds early. His female Annie was out a litter Lloyd Murray bred at Long Gone Kennel in NH and Annie has Long Gone Madison, Agnes and George as well as Grouse Ridge Reroy making up a lot of her blood. This litter has been nominated for the Grand National Grouse Futurity. At this time he has 2 males available at $600 per pup. He can be contacted through his website www.sidexsidesetters.com.

Here’s some photos of Joe and Annie.


























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Beebes with Bosco

Beebes with Bosco

Here’s a photo of 2 winners! My friend Beebes and her Speed/Deuce puppy they named Bosco. Talk about a lucky puppy- (pun intended our old dog Lucky was the grandfather) -Bosco is the State College girls softball team’s mascot and future cover boy!  Congrats Beebes on the championship!

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Pups1My dog Speed’s sister —- had a huge litter of 10 puppies.  I think 5 and 5 male and female.  I had more requests than I could handle but if you’re looking for a well-bred setter pup call my friend, Jim Chambers at (412) 691-0196 at Walnut Hill Kennel.   You can see their breeding at coverdogsetters.com.


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IMG_9269Jim Chambers sent this photo of himself taken before there were selfies. Obviously this is from his way way way way younger days. Seems our circle of friends is smaller than you think. Jim Chambers was an Olympic hopeful back then and divided his time between us rabbit and pheasant hunters and the blue bloods at rolling rock estate.  Back then he ran the stable for Colonel Rockwell at what is now Nemacolin and has also trained hunters and jumpers in Ravena,  Ohio. He has always bred and hunted with labs for ring necks but now has seen the light. He now hunts grouse and breeds champeen setters! Jim has always been in the bird dog Mafia, just the wrong family. He can’t get out either!



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  1. Jim chambers

    Not Rockwell Johnny ! Richard (King) Mellon at Rolling Rock in Ligioner !

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We’ve assembled a basic Lion Country Supply – Guide to Whelping Puppies  that I’m sure you’ll find helpful. With the help of my animal reproduction tech and my friend Dr. Fred Metzger,  this guide provides insight to help you get ready for the big event. Some ideas that you’ll find here are not readily found in print but recommended reading so please feel free to ask questions here on my blog and I’ll try to respond here with buck’s advice and that of my super vet and repo tech friend Jessica Mayes.




IMG_0727Lion Country Supply’s Essential Whelping Tips:

1. Digital thermometer with covers (one to only use on the dogs)-their temps will drop below 99 about 24 hrs before labor beings and then will go back up to normal (101-102) about 12 hrs before labor.


2. Hemostats or unwaxed dental floss-I personally don’t like using the dental floss because it’s hard to get ahold of and tie when your hands are messy.  I like straight tipped hemostats…put 1 on the umbilical cord about 1-1.5 inches away from the puppy’s belly, then put another one about 2″ from that…cut in between the two hemostats.  One will stay on the puppy for about 5-10 min to get the bleeding to stop, and the other will stop the placenta from going back inside the momma until it expels completely, do not attempt to pull it out.


A big debate is whether or not to let them eat the placentas, as they do in the wild…my personal thoughts are that I let them eat a couple because it helps the milk letdown and strengthens the contractions for the next pup.  I keep a trash bag close and throw away the rest.  It’s a personal decision though, and there is no ‘wrong’ decision.


3. Small scissors-to cut the umbilical cord.  I like dull tipped ones so I don’t accidentally poke anyone in all that commotion.


4. Bulb syringe or Dulee Mucus Trap-to suction out the fluids in throat and nose.  We no longer ‘swing’ puppies to get fluid out of the lungs!  And actually, it has been discovered that allowing some of the fluid to remain in the lungs until after the puppy has taken a few breaths is good.  You really only want to suction the mucus out of the back of the throat.  The fluid in the lungs actually has a ‘surfactant’ in it, which help the lungs first expand…basically think of a newborn puppy’s lungs as a raisin and the surfactant helps it expand to the shape of a balloon.  It’s very important to get that full expansion so maximum breathes can be taken.


5. Latex gloves-are good at keeping your hands clean, and if you need to insert a finger or two to help get a puppy out, it’s much more sanitary than your hands.


6.  Loofah hand gloves-in the spa section of your local store.  Sounds weird, but the scrubby texture can help pull out a slick little puppy that is half-way stuck.


7. KY jelly (or some other type)-very helpful to help lubricate momma and puppy if puppy’s sack has busted or the lil bugger is just slightly stuck.  If you have a thin red rubber, you can insert it in the birth canal behind the puppy and squeeze in some jelly to help get a stuck puppy out.  (Make sure you don’t get the jelly that ‘heats up’ or ‘tingles’…momma probably won’t appreciate it).


8. Heating Pad, heating lamp, whelping nest (or some other variant)-puppies cannot control their own temperature until they are 2 weeks old and need a constant heat supply.  I like to have heat on 1 side of my whelping box and no additional heat on the other side, so if the puppies get too warm, they can move off the heat.  At 2 weeks old, remove the heat source.


A Whelping Nest is a smart breeder investment that Lion Country Supply sells and can easily be added to your whelping box.  The round, dish shape helps keep puppies together and the programmable thermostat will keep their temps between 96-100 degrees.  And it’s very easy to clean.


9. Digital food scales-I like to make a chart to keep track of the puppies weight.  I weigh twice a day for the first week and then once a day for the next week.  Usually once they’ve made it past 2 weeks, I only weigh occasionally.  Anyone can lose a little weight on the first day, but after that, if they loose more than 10% of their body weight…it’s an emergency.  They could be not nursing at all, not nursing enough, simply dehydrating, or fading.  It’s the single most important thing you can do detect a puppy that is fading and save it!!!


10. Old towels/puppy pee pads-I usually have at least 2 towels for every puppy I am expecting…you can throw them in the dryer just before it’s time to whelp and they will be nice and warm for when the puppies come out.  Pee pads are great to line the whelping box with because you can just throw the mess away after it’s all over.  Or you can use old towels in the whelping box too…just make sure you change them out with fresh ones after whelping (they’ll be pretty messy and gross).


11. Whelping box-for small dogs, I use a 1/2 sided plastic tote…the sides keep the puppies in and mom can jump in and out easily.  There are whelping box instructions available to purchase from Lion Country Supply for medium to ex-large dogs.


12. Puppy bottle and a can of formula, just in case.


13.  I also like to have full fat plain yogurt and regular vanilla ice cream on hand for momma.  While she’s whelping and after, the ice cream can be very soothing and a good source of calcium, and it will cool her off.  And I also consider it a treat for the momma.  Then I add plain yogurt to the momma’s food AFTER she whelps up until she weans the puppies.  Some people use cottage cheese or Tums…it’s just a matter of personal preference.


14.  She should be really ramping up her food intake by now, I let them eat as much as they want this close to being due.  She should either be on puppy food at this point or still on her high quality food with DHA supplements.  Also, lots of fresh water.


15. And if the momma has long hair, I like to cut or shave their belly and around the nipples to make it easier for the pups to get to the nipples.  And  I try to cut around her backside and vagina, just for ease of clean up.


16.  Oxygen and Oxytocin, Epinephrine, Dopram-all only with a vet’s permission and prescription.  Oxytocin helps strengthen contractions and can be used as a ‘clean out shot’ after all the puppies are whelped.  Epinephrine can start the heart beating.  Dopram can start respirations.  Oxygen can be used on puppy’s that aren’t breathing well.


17.  Red raspberry leave supplements-this one can be controversial, so use your own best judgment after doing some research.  It has been shown to increase the length and strength of contractions during labor.  However, there have been some results suggesting that it has also caused the momma to abort.  If I use it, I only start it about 2 weeks before their whelping date, that way the puppies are already pretty well along.  But again, do your own research and do what you feel is best.

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  1. Andy

    Excellent tips!

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Hi Uncle Buck! Here’s the photo of my new puppy, Bosco, sleeping with his uncle, Duke. They get along great. Thanks for giving us both of them!


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  1. Jessica

    They look like they’re quickly becoming friends! Awesome!

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Dave Mayers with a 20 inch Mississippi Smallmouth!

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