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John Koritko, the owner of Lion Country Supply, is selling his 2004 Toyota Tacoma Twin cam V6 SR5 truck with an 6 hole truck topper. Asking for $15,000 for both.


2004 Toyota Tacoma twim cam V6 SR5 with the TRD off road package. Four wheel drive and automatic. Truck has 153,000 miles. No rust with new frame and suspension, which was recently replaced by Toyota during a frame/suspension recall. Bought it new.

Buck Truck Side

Truck Dog Topper:

The truck topper is a high end, double wall stainless steel fully insulated 6 hole cap box with 50-gallon water tank, high volume fans, and lights. This truck topper was custom built for Lion Country Supply’s owner by Jones Trailers of Texas. We will consider selling the Dog Box Topper only. Would be $12,000 brand new!



Contact Lion Country Supply at 1-800-662-5202. For serious offers, will arrange to meet at Lion Country Supply store front to view truck and topper.


8 comments to “Toyota Tacoma and Dog Box Topper For Sale”

  1. Rick

    What are you asking?
    Is it 4wd?

  2. Chris

    How much for both and how many miles are on the truck??

  3. John Koritko

    I will contact Mr. Koritko and find out and get back to you.

  4. John Koritko

    I will ask Mr. Koritko for more information about the truck and get back to you.

  5. Brian

    How much for the truck, the topper and an official looking note that I can hand my wife explaining that I need two more dogs to fill up the box in order to balance out the ride whuch will save on tire wear?


  6. DAN

    how much for the truck..how many miles…

  7. John Koritko

    The truck has 153,000 miles on it. John wants $15,000 for both the truck and the topper.

  8. John Koritko


    Yes it is 4wd with the Toyota off-road package. He is asking for $15,000 for both.

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Thank you to guide, Dennis Kavanaugh, of Montana Bird Hunts. He was completely booked but was very kind to me. When calling to book a hunt, he quickly returned my call and started by saying he loves my Lion County Supply, my humble beginnings story, and our catalog. He has been a customer for years and loves the people and service.

He offered to buy me dinner and a room if I would come by Big Timber, which I did. I had the pleasure of hanging out with him, his clients, and LCS customers.

He made my trip. Thank you, Dennis.

Buck in Montana

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We haven’t been hearing much from Mr. Buck lately, he was been hunting on the “Montana Bird Dog Trail”. We have been getting a few updates here and there via pictures. Here are some of the highlights.

pic1 IMG_2377 IMG_2386 IMG_2399 IMG_2405 IMG_2422

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Hypointe Kennel Setter Buck

I received bad news from my friends at Hypointe kennel this week. My friend Nick Mellon called to tell me that his dog, Buck, passed away suddenly on Wednesday. He was a 2 1/2 year old finished Lion Country Setter. Just found dead in the kennel, possible heart attack.

I feel really bad for Nick and Valerie who loved him, trained him, and took great care of him. I haven’t sold any of my setters in 20 years and it was a gift to them and they trained his brother Trey for me, also. Trey, aka “I’m Lucky Three”; is a tricolor will be will be my cover boy when his dad Deuce is gone.

I’m sorry to hear of his passing, he was nice! RIP!

Good news, I’d like to offer Nick and Valerie his sister, I call her wild Lilly. She is a hard tail cracking, speed type, like her mother. A super smart bird finder and loves to point. Nick and Valerie she is yours if you want her. Maybe she can carry on the Lion Country line. I currently have 5 setters which is getting to be too many for me. I’m probably not going to breed any more.


~ Buck

One comment to “RIP My Dear Friend”

  1. Nick Mellon

    Buck! We are saddened by Lion Country’s Bucks passing. He was a dog that we enjoyed very much. He was one of the dogs on our guide string. Val was close to him and he was her pal. He was in South Carolina this past winter and became part of the family.
    We are making plans to come and see you. Maybe this weekend. Thank You very much. Nick Mellon

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Myself and the staff at Lion Country Supply would like to wish my good friend Ed Radar a happy 80th birthday. I’ve met Ed at wild wings to shoot quail the last 2 years. Wild Wings has the closest thing to wild birds that I’ve ever seen. Several thousand acres of wild, supplemented cover and lots of big coveys hold well for your dog and flush hard. Break open guns only, but double shotguns this is my favorite place for no limit shooting.

Dogmen, Wild Wings owner tracey Leiske, now has a 12 bird trainer package that’s very affordable. It’s the best way to prepare your pointing dogs for wild coveys in western states. They learn to really hold and smell that’s there’s more. Fun stuff but whoa break em first.  Belly collar to stop on their flanks. Ed adds a neck collar for handling. His dogs are straight up on both ends and a sight to walk in on as you can see from these photos.

This year as a 65th birthday present to me I’m heading to Montana in September and then Texas and Arizona. I hope to do a better job sharing my bird hunts on here.

~ Buck

20151203_152307 (1)


20151205_090518 (1)

One comment to “Happy 80th Birthday Ed Rader”

  1. Michael

    Happy 80th birthday Mr. Rader! Hope to see you at Bird Dog Days at Lion Country Supply this coming September!

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Deuce and Rosa

It’s been almost a year since my buddy Deuce went blind. I’m still amazed how good he looks. I know we all love our dogs and see them as extra special. That’s just love.

At 14, Deuce became blind and developed Cushing disease, but is still happy as can be. He still walks around my fenced in acre of woods every day and even finds the plastic kiddie pool and takes a dip. He points the quail that haven’t entered the recall pen. See him hunting and pointing in the field I wonder how he stays so happy (see the video below of him pointing and retrieving birds). He is an amazing dog.


4 comments to “Duece and sister Rosa Relaxing at Camp”

  1. Joe Gentilcore

    Deuce is your main man.

  2. Janine

    Way to go Duece. What a good dog he is!

  3. Dave

    Well that’s neat!

  4. monica

    Vet said my 7 yr old setter will go b long due to her corneal determination. The thought of it makes me so sad but I will love and care for her. Is it hard on your baby?

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One of my setters from the last litter is now for sale by Nick Mellon at Hypointe Kennel Murraysville pa. 2 year old male fully trained I think.  Beautiful dog.

Call Nick at 724-333-3006.


- John “Buck” Koritko

One comment to “Setter for Sale”

  1. Donald Rath

    Love your website and did order items for my dog .looking forward getting my items . Plan are ordering more very soon .I got your Web from a gun store on long island in Huntington were I bought ammo and my rifle and scope it’s called Camp site Thank You

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My friend and long time customer Gene Maylock stopped by the store to visit with his young dog, Maya. Maya is a 10 month old Braque d’Auvergne from Quebec breeder, Laurie Bérubé, of Elevage de la Ruse des Bois.

To learn more about the unique breed from Quebec, check out: http://www.gundogbreeders.com/breeders-quebec/-levage-de-la-ruse-des-bois.html

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Tracy Lieskie and John Rex Gates

Tracy Lieskie and John Rex Gates and pups out of the 2x National Champion, Shadow Oak Bo. Shadow Oak Bo is a male setter owned by Butch Houston and Dr. John Dorminy and handled by Robin Gates. To read more about him: 2014 National Champion Shadow Oak Bo.

Tracy Lieskie, “The pup that I am holding went to Marty Smith. It should make him a great dog!”

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My 12 year old, now blind, dog named “I’m Lucky 2″ aka Deuce and his sister Rosa shown here pointing ring-necks this March. This training field is groomed short broom grass planted and groomed by my friend Bob Montler at nearby Marymount Kennel. At this training field, Deuce can just run to his nose and instincts and it’s beautiful to see. No obstacles, just running and searching with his nose needing no sight! Then a majestic point and then also retrieves most of them following the sounds of the flush, the bird flight sounds, and the shots. He then searches from my call of “dead”! He finds it and fetches most of them back to me following my voice. I’m amazed. He is happy even being blind, just to be home and be rubbed on with love every day. Soon he’s going to the place where he can still run and find them and live our dream… Buck

2 comments to “Blind Dog Still Points”

  1. Jack Sankey

    Great Story, Buck! My last and best Beagle, “Bess”, was also blind the last season she was able to hunt. She could still chase rabbits like she always did. It’s amazing to see our hunting pals cope with adversity like this and still seem to really enjoy being out there with us.

  2. Jim Chambers

    This is really cool John ! He has been a great dog . Our bird dogs just don’t live long enough !!!

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